Long Range RFID Readers

R-2000 Ultra Long Range Wiegand or Serial Reader

Long range RFID Reader
Radio Frequency Identification

The R-2000 Series Ultra long range rfid readers detects and decodes RF transmitted signals from 1st Choice Tags. R-2000 Series Tags and Readers provide an accurate and real-time ability to detect, track, control and monitor vehicles, assets and personnel. This dynamic technology can be applied to operations and processes in all types of industries. 

R-3600 Blue Tooth Portable RFID Reader


The R-3600 Portable Reader is designed for fast and automatic collection of 1st Choice asset, vehicle and personnel ID Tags.

The R-3600 can be used as a tool for risk management in areas such as guard tours and janitorial services in commercial buildings and shopping centers, as well as an activity recording device for waste collection and route sales vehicles.

R-4000 TCP/IP Reader


The R-4000 Reader, like all other 1st Choice Readers, detects and decodes RF transmitted signals from the 1st Choice Long Range RFID Tags. 

The R-4000 Reader alleviates the costs of installing new cable systems by using a building's existing CAT5 Ethernet cabling network and infrastructure.

R-6000 Serial Reader with BNC Antenna Adapter


The R-6000 Series Readers can connect to any third party software system using RS232 / ASCII Protocols

FRA-2000 Stand Alone Gate Access Control Reader


The FRA-2000 Reader is designed to  provide fast and secure gate access control at gated communities and commercial facilities for residents, employees and security guard vehicles.