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What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. 


What is the difference between ACTIVE and PASSIVE?

Passive Readers placed throughout a facility are always "listening" for the person or asset the Tag is attached to.  The tag is active and contains a battery. The tag is always beaconing and therefore is able to read from great distances by the reader. You are able to cover more ground with the Passive Readers and Active Tags as the distance the tag can be read from is greater. 

Active Readers are always sending out a signal looking to wake up a Passive Tag. Passive Tags do not carry a battery and therefore has to be woken up by the readers signals in order to be read. More Active readers are needed when using Passive Tags in order to make sure they are always in range to wake them up.


What is considered ULTRA long range?

Up to 2,000 feet.

Can I keep my tag in my wallet/purse/laptop bag?

Yes!  With our Active Tags you are able to be hands free so no more

searching your bag for your tag. The Active tag is able to beacon through your bag, wallet etc

and be easily read by the Passive Readers. 


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